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Cascade  Lake  Day  Use  Area

Join us at Cascade Lake in Moran State Park for a day of adventure, an orcas island adventure. Please note there are no boat reservations at Cascade Lake.  There is normally only is a short wait time if at check in there is no availability. We have beepers we give out if there is a short wait time . This will give you time to get a snack, fill up your water bottle, find your swim gear, apply sunblock and countless other things to prepare yourself to get out on the water.
Most boats/boards are $26 an hour. We do have some 1/2 day & full day price breaks as well. For full price list please click here.

There is no better way to enjoy the island than getting out on the water. Orcas Adventures provides you with many options for doing just that. We offer rentals by the hour.  Options include: 

Sorry but it's first come, first served at Cascade Lake. We found that option works best for large groups and families at this location.  Mountain lake is not as child friendly, but does do online prepaid reservations only. If you would prefer online reservations please click here and it will take you to the mountain lake rentals. 

* If there is a weather advisory that affects our boat rentals please go see updates on our Facebook page. 

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