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Bill Yarlott Annual “Virtual” Youth Derby is April 24, 2021 

For the previous 24 years, the Bill Yarlott Annual Youth Fishing Derby has continued with the support and generosity of businesses, non-profit organizations, sponsors, and volunteers. 

Every spring on opening day of fishing season, local island kids have awakened at the break of dawn and fished their hearts out for a day of fun and fishing! Along with their parents, the Derby has encouraged kids and their families to get outside and participate in this fun event. 

This year, to protect the health and safety of our community and abide by preventive recommendations set forth by the CDC, the event will, in part, be held “virtually” on Saturday, April 24th, 2021 at Cascade Lake in Moran State Park. 

Orcas Adventures is proud and honored to host the 25th anniversary event. In light of Covid-19 concerns and ensuring both fun and safety, the Bill Yarlott “Virtual” Annual Youth Fishing Derby will look and feel a little different with a hybrid approach to keep close contact low, but the mission remains the same – continuing to support and encourage kids to get outside and form healthy outdoor activities. 

Here’s how it’ll work this year! 

Kids and their families will be able to fish at Cascade Lake between daybreak and 3 pm. Participants who catch a fish may come to the Cascade Lake Day Use Area, have their fish measured and have a photo taken by Derby staff/volunteers which qualifies the youth’s fish for a chance to win a prize. 

In previous years, groups gathered at the end of the Derby to celebrate the announcement of the winners. In keeping with the “Virtual Hybrid” Derby, this year’s winners will be posted on Orcas Adventures FaceBook page.

Event details: 

• Contest begins Saturday, April 24th at daybreak and runs until 3pm. • Register by bringing your fish to the Cascade Lake Day Use Area. Orcas Adventures staff and volunteers will measure the participant’s fish, take a photo of you and your fish, and will gather your contact information. 

• The “Catch of the Day” or the three longest fish of the Bill Yarlott Annual “Virtual” Youth Derby will be posted on the Orcas Adventures Facebook Page. 

Event rules: 

• Fish must be caught at Cascade Lake in Moran State Park on April 24th by 3pm. • Only ONE entry per child that is 14 years of age or younger. 

• Parents or guardians must allow a photo of the child holding their catch to be taken and posted on the Orcas Adventures social media sites (Facebook & Instagram). • A parent or guardian MUST accompany small children. 

• Participants must follow State and Federal fishing and environmental laws while fishing. 

• Must exercise caution while on or near the water 

• Must observe social distancing when fishing and/or submitting fish to be measured 


• First Prize, Second Prize & Third Prize for the three biggest/ longest fish.

• A prize will also be given to “best participant’s photo” at weigh- in.

• Prizes will be given to the winning participants after 3pm when winners have been determined. 

Fish On!