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We love to help encourage the simple love of fishing in our island children and are working hard on different projects that facilitate this. 

We are lucky to be apart of these endeavors and try every year to raise the bar and gather more children to join us. 

GIVE A MAN a fish and you feed him for a day.


Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time.


— Italian proverb.

Fish in Net

Bill Yarlott Youth Fishing Derby

For the previous 24 years, the Bill Yarlott Annual Youth Fishing Derby has continued with the support and generosity of businesses, non-profit organizations, sponsors, and volunteers. 

Every spring on opening day of fishing season, local island kids have awakened at the break of dawn and fished their hearts out for a day of fun and fishing! Along with their parents, the Derby has encouraged kids and their families to get outside and participate in this fun event. 

The Jeffrey G. Pyne "Free Fishing Weekend" for Children

It's important to get our island kids outdoors to enjoy the incredible northwest and develop skills that they can turn into lifelong hobbies. Stay tuned to hear more as we roll into the 2022 season with this amazing youth opportunity to have your fishing pole and tackle sponsored! 

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